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Ablution Before Prayer

212452 - Ruling on speaking whilst doing wudoo’ 202971 - The effect of permeable nail polish on the validity of wudoo’ 195879 - Is it obligatory to wash inside the eye when doing wudoo’? 198415 - Someone told him that it was not obligatory to wash the arms in wudoo’; what is the ruling on the prayers he offered previously? 104354 - If there is something on his feet that prevents the water from reaching them and he is not able to remove it 115747 - She has a disability and is unable to do wudoo’, and her children refuse to help her to do wudoo’ 103694 - Ruling on the wudoo’ of one who washes his arms from the wrists to the elbows, and does not wash the hands 175125 - Cleaning oneself with toilet paper to remove madhiy; is it necessary to clean oneself (istinja’) with water first in order for wudoo’ to be valid? 170243 - Wiping the head when there is henna on the hair or a bag over the henna 164975 - Is wudoo’ valid if the limb is only wiped with water? 163829 - Is it essential to move one’s ring when doing wudoo’ and ghusl? 173751 - Ruling on making water reach the throat when rinsing the mouth 169627 - Is it mustahabb for the woman to do wudoo’ before having intercourse a second time, as it is the man? 153791 - If he does wudoo’ and forgets to rinse his mouth or nose, his wudoo’ is not valid 158244 - When should he use the siwaak if he wants to do wudoo’? 148981 - It is mustahabb to rinse out the mouth for the one who eats or drinks something 154028 - Reciting Surah al-Qadr After Finishing Wudoo 70530 - Is wiping part of the head sufficient when doing wudoo’? 69796 - How should a person who has a wound do wudoo’ and ghusl? 141074 - Ruling on wearing a wig for a woman who is bald; can she wipe over it when doing wudoo’?