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Who Have Valid Excuses

215926 - The school is preventing them from praying Jumu‘ah and offering other prayers in congregation; what should they do? 216733 - Can she look around whilst praying to check on her children? 202567 - She did not know the ruling on the discharges that women experience, and she offered several prayers with one wudoo’ – what should she do? 171242 - He wants to put the prayers together on a permanent basis because he works at night 171813 - Is it permissible to delay prayer and make it up later because of a migraine? 154863 - Putting prayers together because of being too busy with breastfeeding 36896 - Description of the fear prayer 109538 - If he makes up prayers from the time when he was travelling when he is back home, can he shorten them or should he offer them in full? 148398 - If there is snow or rain, does that make it permissible to miss Jumu‘ah? 148781 - She works as a nurse on the maternity ward and she has some questions about purification and prayer 20712 - He cannot perform the prayer on time because of his work. What should he do? 132911 - Ruling on a doctor who misses the prayer because he is busy with surgery 106287 - Is he excused for not praying in congregation when it is raining? 126518 - Can they join Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers at the university so as to pray in congregation? 109209 - Should he stop praying in the mosque because he fears for himself? 118860 - What should a person do if it is too hard for him when the imam prostrates for a long time? 110904 - Ruling on joining two prayers due to attending lectures abroad 99471 - He fell asleep and missed prayer in congregation 97837 - Joining Zuhr and ‘Asr because of military manoeuvres 97455 - He has an exam that will cover the time of ‘Asr and Maghrib – how should he pray?