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105827 - Living in an apartment that his father bought by riba 149437 - Ruling on getting a loan from the bank in order to pay off a debt owed to another bank 198082 - Ruling on using the returns on investment certificates for postgraduate education 185237 - Is it permissible for one who has taken out a riba-based loan to receive zakaah in order to pay off his debt? 205810 - Giving a loan with a penalty clause 182258 - Ruling on buying fixed-return shares 221778 - He is very distressed because of his father’s dealing in riba (usury) 202904 - Riba is haraam for the one who takes it and the one who pays it, and it is haraam to help with it in any way whatsoever 210485 - Ruling on helping someone who has repented from riba-based transactions by paying off his loan 116968 - The difference between muraabahah and riba-based loans 204700 - The company gave them a loan on condition that it would deduct a set amount from their salaries; what is the ruling? 129458 - Definition of riba and ruling on work that helps with riba 147783 - Ruling on working in a debt purchasing company 172397 - Is there any riba involved in selling pure gold for mixed gold? 159213 - Ruling on dealing with mortgages in a non-Muslim country 117956 - He was late in paying back in instalments so he suggested rescheduling the payments and increasing the amount 103149 - Some types of haraam transactions 174652 - He helped his father in his business; is there any sin on him because of his father’s haraam dealings? 178480 - Ruling on taking out a riba-based loan to build an educational institution to save the Muslim children from having to move to a Christian school 175364 - Selling gold to be handed over one year later with an increase in the amount if the price drops