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150347 - Is it permissible to send our children to an Islamic school that was built with a riba-based loan? 26771 - Working in banks in an Islamic country 165024 - Should he help his father to fill out a form to reduce interest payments? 162423 - Should he obey his mother by taking out a riba-based loan? 153979 - Is it permissible to spend interest money on pets and other animals? 82277 - Drawing architectural plans for someone who builds with riba-based loans 40409 - It is not permissible to buy bank shares or deal in them 147455 - Ruling on taking interest from his brother, and does he have to use it only to buy paraffin for heating? 151892 - Stipulating a fixed penalty in the event of a delay in repaying a loan 48005 - Entering into a partnership with a person who deals with bribes and riba 153084 - She did some training in the Islamic branch of a riba-based bank and she is asking about the ruling on her salary 149092 - Should he claim bankruptcy so that interest charges will be waived from him? 146931 - Exchanging gold for gold and cash 143996 - He has a shop in the market and people ask him where riba-based banks are; should he tell them? 143149 - Borrowing from the bank to buy a house 20876 - Taking interest and offsetting losses with riba 147047 - Cashing cheques through a financial services company in return for commission 140549 - If he is not selected in the lottery to buy land, his deposit will be returned to him with interest 146058 - Selling products by instalment for the cash price through the bank 141948 - Her father put money in the bank for her and gives her the interest as a gift