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146440 - He deposited something in return for getting some money, but when he wanted to take it back, they asked for more 137768 - He mortgaged his house with the bank, in order to take out a loan 145780 - Putting money in a commercial bank 40217 - He has repented from dealing with a riba-based bank but he does not know what his capital was 26789 - Ruling on depositing money in riba-based banks 145575 - He sells cars and refers customers to the bank, for which the bank pays him in return 20807 - Ruling on getting back a loan from interest-based money 20709 - Is it permissible for him to inherit property that was bought with a riba-based loan? 82617 - She works for a company that is partly owned by two riba-based banks. Is her work haraam? 49677 - Where should he deposit his money in these times when riba is so widespread? 138374 - Opening an account in the bank to have one's wages transferred to it 139470 - He wants to propose marriage to a girl whose father puts his money in the bank 128641 - Is it permissible for him to buy a computer for his son using interest he has received or keep it in return for waiving debts owed to him? 126950 - Buying items by instalments from Sab Amanah 128406 - Can they make use of the interest (riba) because they are in need? 120269 - Ruling on making programs that banks can use in giving riba-based loans 39211 - Putting money in the bank, and can hospitals be built with zakaah funds? 10235 - Ruling on being a witness to a riba-based loan 106151 - Can she take the profits on certificates from the Islamic and commercial banks? 85353 - The bank offered to freeze part of his account in return for interest