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Killing by Mistake, Manslaughter

175179 - She caused a traffic accident that led to her mother’s death 186025 - She helped her neighbour give birth then the child died and she does not know whether the cause was her pulling him by his head or the difficulty of the birth; what should she do? 144583 - She left her child in her crib without tying her wrapper; what should she do? 85426 - Two cars crashed into one another and the drivers died; what do their sons have to do? 128479 - He left his little boy in the house on his own, and the stove fell on him and he died 12733 - What should a woman who deliberately aborts her foetus do (to expiate for her sin)? 94903 - She allowed her son to go the mosque and he drowned in a hole in the valley and died 96653 - She overexerted herself in her house and had a miscarriage; does she have to offer expiation? 93687 - A child ran out suddenly in front of the driver and he hit him 70318 - Can they take the diyah (blood money) for the deceased loved one from the insurance company? 71185 - She did not have any milk in her breasts so she fed her baby girl butter and she died 71206 - She covered her child with a thick blanket and he died 52809 - In the event of manslaughter, the diyah is required from the killer’s family and expiation is required from the killer 52918 - Does he have to offer expiation for accidental killing if he struck them with his car and his wife died? 46720 - Two cars collided and three people died. What does he have to do? 38853 - He killed a Christian by mistake – should he fast for two consecutive months? 10019 - She gave her baby daughter a bottle and went to sleep, and the baby died 5241 - The girl took some pills from her mother’s pocket and swallowed them