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He left his little boy in the house on his own, and the stove fell on him and he died


Publication : 17-07-2009

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I had a child who was five years old. One day, he and his mother were at our neighbour's house, and his mother left him with me in the house, then I went out to work, and on the way I went and told his mother that he was in the house. During that time, he went to the stove to get some bread and the stove fell on him and he died. Do I have to offer any expiation such as fasting or anything else, or is there any obligation on his mother?.


Praise be to Allah.

We hope that there is no blame on you and you do not have to do anything, because this is something regular which happens to people and it is not called negligence. Such things happen to people who grow date palms and people have farms; they may let the child go to the stream or pond and swim in it, and he may die because of that. These are regular things and cannot be helped; it will be forgiven if Allaah wills. End quote. 

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