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Kind Treatment of Spouses

36748 - Should a man listen to his wife’s suggestions and consult her about matters? 21532 - Can a wife call her husband by his name? 141628 - There are some problems between his mother and his wife, and his mother wants him to live far away from her 10089 - Husband asking his wife how she disposed of the mahr 142326 - He told her a lie about his parents and she is asking him for khula‘ 21195 - Ruling on intercourse in the bathroom 138864 - He stipulated that she should look after his father, then he took a second wife and she asked him for separate accommodation and to divide the work with her co-wife 36864 - Intimacy with a woman who is menstruating 6388 - To what extent can the husband’s relatives interfere in his wife’s life? 121467 - His wife behaves badly towards him and he has children from her. Should he divorce her? 108872 - Talking to one's wife over the Internet and finding pleasure in that 70531 - Is it permissible for the father of the girl to prevent her husband from sitting with her after the ‘aqd (marriage contract)? 119309 - He wants to stay up and he disturbs his wife, and she is complaining about his actions. Should he divorce her? 127586 - Is it obligatory to have intercourse on the wedding night? 112009 - He wrote a receipt for her for money that she would be entitled to in the event of abuse or mistreatment 36722 - Intimacy with one’s wife when she is menstruating or in nifaas 49945 - His wife does not cover her hands – should he threaten to divorce her? 126899 - Her husband took her money and lost it, and he is threatening to divorce her in order to take more 20597 - He is practicing ‘azl with his wife so that she will not get pregnant because she is still studying 23283 - She is complaining that her husband does not give her her marital rights