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Kind Treatment of Spouses

45514 - Is it permissible for the spouses to be naked when having intercourse without any cover? 70350 - What is the ruling on gheelah in Islam? 70222 - Can he force his family to move far away from him so that they will not live in a kaafir land? 69834 - She screamed in her husband’s face although she had made a promise to Allaah that she would stop doing that 69937 - Ruling on her going out of the house without her husband’s permission and travelling without a mahram 69854 - Should she go ahead with this marriage or not? 52803 - Is there any expiation for having intercourse with a woman in her back passage? 39686 - Sarah’s Jealousy Towards Hajar 47721 - The limits within which a married couple may enjoy intimacy with one another, and the ruling on a man suckling from his wife 36818 - Her husband left her for a long time with her agreement; is she sinning by not asking for a divorce? 45864 - Her father mistreats her and her mother resents her, and this has affected her relationship with her husband 38135 - Does her husband have the right not to break the fast with her so he can break his fast in the mosque? 43252 - The reason why the husband is regarded as superior and is given the role of qawwaam (protector and maintainer) 43123 - Obeying one’s husband comes before obeying one’s parents and siblings 44971 - Repulsive forms of pleasure 40520 - Inserting fingers into the back passage 34701 - The obligation to treat co-wives fairly in giving gifts 41086 - She is sick and her husband is forcing her to go to work 14511 - Husband refusing to tell his wife how much he owns 40278 - He consummated the marriage with her and found that she was not a virgin even though she has never committed any immoral action