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Rights of spouses

156857 - Does she have to ask her husband who is travelling for permission to travel with her family? 174932 - Ruling on cutting and dyeing the hair without the husband’s permission 175218 - If a married son does not live with his mother, is he regarded as being disobedient towards her? 88353 - What is the reward for spouses treating one another kindly? 170562 - Does the husband have the right to interfere in his wife’s relationships with her (female) friends? 166680 - Is it permissible to agree not to have children or to stipulate that in the marriage contract? 129704 - She lives in a different country from her husband; should she leave that country and go to her husband in his country? 163531 - Is it permissible for the husband to bring one wife into the house of another wife without the latter’s consent? 163541 - Does the husband have the right to dispose of his wife’s money? 161237 - Her husband refuses to let her help him with household expenses 153902 - If a man is absent on the night of one of his wives with or without an excuse, he has to come back and make up that night 160491 - Ruling on taking contraceptive pills without the husband's permission 38724 - Her husband wants her to sit in front of the TV with him 147287 - He is complaining that his wife is too easy-going in her interaction with her cousin 38105 - He is afraid that he caused his wife’s death 148906 - He wants to go back to his country but there is war there; is his wife obliged to obey him? 145454 - Should she try to bring up her children in a Muslim country or take them to join her husband in Britain? 45600 - Her husband only gives her maintenance, and he lives far away from her. Can she ask for a divorce? 146590 - Is it better for a woman to stay in her house during the postpartum period (nifaas) or to go to her family's house? 43166 - Does the husband have to make his wife happy?