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Keeping Contact with Kinship

192472 - Ruling on preventing a non-Muslim grandmother from seeing her granddaughter 192720 - His mother’s husband brought him up; is he entitled to the same kindness, du‘aa’ and upholding of ties as his real father? 175995 - What should we do if my maternal aunt and her husband are trying to cause trouble for us and hurt us? 93506 - Family Disputes 40005 - Ruling on upholding ties with one’s mother and siblings through breastfeeding 142536 - Uncle Molested and Grandmother Lives with Him; Can She Abstain From Visiting 74974 - He takes care of his paternal aunt and looks after her affairs – can she give him a gift to the exclusion of his siblings? 10225 - Is it permissible to attend family gatherings in which bid’ah takes place? 12292 - Upholding the ties of kinship is obligatory to the extent that one is able to do it 11934 - His Muslim wife’s relatives are kaafirs who mistreat her 72834 - Guidelines on the relatives with whom ties of kinship must be upheld 7571 - Suggestions as how to end the estrangement between disputing relatives 84426 - Molestation of mahrams 85317 - Her husband’s sister is causing problems for them 83048 - Does she have to visit the wife of one of her relatives? 93888 - If she tries to reconcile with her sister but she does not accept it, will Allaah accept her deed? 46958 - Their aunt wants to corrupt them; should they cut off ties with her? 75411 - Family problems 89689 - Is the father’s wife among the relatives (rahm) with whom one is obliged to uphold ties of kinship? 83806 - Is he obliged to attend the waleemah when there is someone there who will offend him with his words and actions?