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Praised Manners

225941 - Meaning of the verse “And were it not that all mankind would have become of one community…” [az-Zukhruf 43:33] 210592 - How can I overcome waswaas? How can I be truly sincere towards Allah? 210363 - He is asking how he can be truly just in all things 210982 - If a brother usurped his brother’s rights, there is nothing wrong with referring the matter to the qaadi (judge), even if that upsets the mother 178639 - The rights of one Muslim over another include those that are obligatory and those that are mustahabb 160964 - The reward for keeping a promise and the gravity of breaking it 159242 - His heart does not feel humble when he hears Qur’aan but he is moved by nasheed 40005 - Ruling on upholding ties with one’s mother and siblings through breastfeeding 150839 - Is feeling proud of one’s religion a kind of blameworthy pride? 154060 - Is it permissible to write in her resume that she has experience that she did not acquire in the manner required? 115129 - What does self confidence mean for the Muslim, and is that contrary to his need for his Lord, may He be exalted? 33749 - Advice to women who spend most of their time in the kitchen 34829 - How can a person know if his Lord is pleased with him? 143020 - Allah Said to Moosa (peace be upon him): “O Moosa, I did not grant that to Myself so how could I grant it to you?” 21673 - Should he focus on purifying his heart or on doing naafil acts? 126306 - The meaning of being sincere towards Allah and how the Muslim can achieve that 105423 - He promised his mother to give her money that she could put towards building a mosque, then she died 27196 - She became Muslim but her family did not; should she honour her family even though they mistreat her? 105352 - What is zuhd (asceticism)? 32668 - How can a man know if a woman will be a loving and fertile wife before marriage?