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Is it permissible for him to take surplus items supplied to him at work?


What is the ruling on someone who works in a branch of an American company, which has allocated him space in which to work, and he has another employee with him to help him? In this place allocated to him by the company, there is a supply of tea, sugar and other hot drinks in powdered form, and what happens is that a certain amount of these things is left over every month, and they cannot be returned. Is it permissible for this person to use them at home with his family?


Praise be to Allah.

If these things that are provided by the company to employees are given to them to keep, then there is nothing wrong with them taking any surplus items home with them, especially since these things cannot be returned. In that case, it becomes a must to take them so that money will not be wasted improperly.

But if the company provides these things for use at work only, and does not allow anyone to take any of them, then it is not permissible for any of the employees to take any of them home with him.

In that case, the employees must ask the people in charge at the company to find out what the situation is in this case.

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