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What is recommended for the fasting person

222064 - Some Sunnahs of fasting that the fasting person is encouraged to uphold 220647 - There is no specific du‘aa’ for each day and night of Ramadan 39462 - Some of the Sunnahs of fasting 13999 - The Sunnah is to hasten to break one’s fast 12598 - The virtue of giving iftaar to one who is fasting 38221 - ‘Umrah is mustahabb at any time in Ramadaan 93066 - The dhikr that is prescribed when breaking the fast 37745 - Fasting person using the siwaak and swallowing his saliva afterwards 101582 - Which is more important, repeating the word of the adhaan or hastening to break the fast? 141234 - He entered ihram for ‘umrah at the end of Sha’baan and performed it in Ramadan; will he have the reward of ‘Umrah in Ramadaan? 37720 - Giving charity in the last ten days of Ramadaan 50019 - Hastening to break the fast is better than delaying it 139126 - Ruling on taking the “Ramadan tablet”, which reduces the effect of hunger, at sahoor during the month of fasting 65754 - It is mustahabb to complete the Qur’aan in Ramadaan 50047 - If he gives iftaar to a rich relative, he will have the reward of one who gives iftaar to a fasting person 50660 - He had a disagreement with his parents before Ramadaan began; what do you advise him to do? 65955 - Is there a du’aa’ to be said at the time of sahoor? 38068 - Baseless objection to the idea that stopping eating before Fajr is an innovation (bid’ah) 3455 - Which is better during the day in Ramadaan – reading Qur’aan or praying voluntary prayers? 50112 - Ruling on the Ramadan soccer league