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Shuroot wujoob al-Hajj (conditions of Hajj being obligatory)

199427 - Should he give up his place in the Hajj lottery to his father even though he has not yet done the obligatory Hajj? 204986 - Is the Hajj of one who has not paid off his debts valid? 191636 - Is a woman obliged to sell her jewellery so that she can do the obligatory Hajj? 146390 - Should he perform the obligatory Hajj or give the money in charity to his neighbour who is poor? 41739 - Can a person who has long-term debts go for Hajj? 81916 - He is afraid that he may lose his job and he has some money; does he have to do Hajj with it? 20467 - Taking pills to delay one’s period in order to perform Hajj 40023 - Giving zakaah to a poor person so that he can go for Hajj 41957 - Conditions of Hajj being obligatory 40525 - Asking the husband’s permission to go for Hajj 144543 - Ruling on delaying having children in order to be able to do Hajj 27120 - Should he give priority to Hajj or to getting married? 71466 - He has epilepsy – is Hajj obligatory for him? 41881 - Should he delay Hajj because of the exams? 13500 - Does a man who is in debt have to do Hajj when someone else is paying for it? 83191 - Should he do the obligatory Hajj or use the money to get his son married? 101590 - Ruling on one who sends his parents for Hajj when he has not done Hajj for himself 41950 - Is it obligatory to ask for one’s parents’ permission in order to go for Hajj? 90223 - He has some money but if he buys a car with it he will not be able to do Hajj 82659 - She took a riba-based loan and gave it to her brother to do Hajj