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Is a woman obliged to sell her jewellery so that she can do the obligatory Hajj?


Is it obligatory to sell gold worn for adornment in order to pay the costs of Hajj for myself and my mahram, if no other money is available?


Praise be to Allah.

One of the conditions of Hajj being obligatory is that the individual should be able to do it both financially and physically. Part of being financially able is that he should have money surplus to his basic needs. 

Basic needs include food, clothing, and means of transportation, and so on. 

If a person has anything surplus to his needs, and will not be affected if he does away with it, then he must sell it so that he will be able to do the obligatory Hajj. 

One of the basic needs for a woman is the jewellery that she wears as an adornment. If she has as much jewellery as she needs, and no more than that, and it is not too much, then she does not have to sell it in order to do Hajj, but if it is surplus to her needs, then she should sell the extra in order to do the obligatory Hajj. 

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked: 

Is a woman obliged to sell her jewellery in order to pay the costs of Hajj for herself and her mahram?

He replied: 

She does not have to do that, apart from the extra amount that she does not ordinarily use to beautify herself with. This case is like that of the seeker of knowledge who has books that he needs, and he has other books that are either repeats of books that he has or he does not need them. End quote.

Shaykh Hamad ibn ‘Abdullah al-Hamad (may Allah preserve him) said:

If he has something surplus that he can do without, and it will not affect his maintenance and the like, such as if he has two houses or two vehicles, or a woman has jewellery surplus to her basic needs, and so on, anyone who has anything that is not a basic need must sell it in order to perform the obligatory Hajj. 

Although this is an item, it is like cash in the sense that it has a cash value and he can do without it and does not need it as a basic necessity. End quote from Zaad al-Mustaqni‘ by Shaykh al-Hamad.

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