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Ruling on calling a girl Tuleen


Publication : 29-07-2007

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What is the ruling on calling a baby girl Tuleen?.


Praise be to Allah.

Children should be given good names that have good meanings, because the meaning of a name matters, and every person is influenced by his name. 

Good names include the names of the Mothers of the Believers, such as Khadeejah, ‘Aa’ishah and Zaynab, and the names of other female Sahaabah such as Faatimah and Asma’. See the answer to question no. 14622 and 101401

As for giving them kaafir names, it is at least makrooh, because it implies venerating the kuffaar and may lead to one imitating them, such as one who calls his daughter Diana, for example. 

We do not know the meaning of the name mentioned, and we do not think that the girl should be given this name. Rather she should be given a good name that indicates that she is a Muslim, and so that her sons and daughters will not be embarrassed by it in the future. 

And Allaah knows best.

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