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Her husband is not interested in learning about Islam


Publication : 11-09-2000

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My husband and I embraced Islam about four years ago.  In that time I have be learning all I can about Islam.  My husband on the other hand has give up on trying to learn anything about Islam.  I would like to know what can I do to get him interested in Islam.  He is making it very difficult for me to practice and our children will not practice at all because of him.  Please advise me as to want I should do.


Praise be to Allah.

Islam means that a person believes in his Lord and worships Allaah in the manner that He has prescribed. Therefore whoever enters this religion needs to make the effort to learn its rulings. The Muslim cannot know what is halaal and what is haraam, or how to do the acts of worship and what rulings apply to them, and what makes them valid or invalid, without studying. If he neglects to learn about Islam, he will fall into haraam and do things in his acts of worship that make them invalid.

 Among the specific means that could help your husband to learn about Islam are the following:

Putting him in touch with a nearby Islamic centre

-bringing home some suitable books and tapes

using Islamic sites on the Internet; you could copy some material so that it will be on hand.

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Source: Shaykh Muhammad al-Duwaysh