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It is permissible for a person to give his zakaah to a relative on whom he is not obliged to spend


Publication : 22-03-2009

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I have a number of brothers and sisters and each of them has a large family and does not have anything to cover the expenses of his children's education. I am better off, praise be to Allaah. Is it permissible for me to distribute the zakaah of my wealth to them, on condition that I do not tell them that this money is the zakaah of my wealth, so as to avoid embarrassment and lest they refuse to accept it if they find out about that?.


Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allaah.

Giving zakaah to such people is permissible, because they are in need of that so long as their income is not sufficient to meet their essential needs. With regard to telling them that this is zakaah or not telling them, that is according to interest. If it is better not to tell them, then you should not tell them, and if it is better to tell them, then you should tell them. End quote.