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Her sickness had no hope of a cure then Allaah healed her


A woman was ordered by doctors not to fast due to her incurable heart disease. She did not fast and used to give a fidyah for every day of Ramadan. Then by using an advanced medical technique she had an operation on her heart valve. She stayed under treatment for some time and her health improved a lot, Alhamdulillah, she could fast the previous Ramadaan. She is asking about the days she did not fast when she was ill which are 180 days, should she make them up? Or she does not have to make them up as she paid the expiation for those days on their time already?.


Praise be to Allah.

The fidyah that she has already paid is sufficient for the days in the past when she did not fast, and she does not have to make up those months, because she was excused, and she did what was required of her at the time. 

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Source: Islam Q&A