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Appointing someone to supervise each halaqah in order to correct mistakes


Publication : 09-02-2000

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On some trips there is a Qur’aan reading program, and they divide the people into separate circles (halaqahs) and someone who reads Qur’aan well to correct any mistakes. Is there anything wrong with this?


Praise be to Allah.

There is nothing wrong with that. Reading Qur’aan is something that should be done regularly, and if there are readers who get together to read the Qur’aan but they have some weaknesses or make mistakes, and they appoint someone to correct their mistakes who can commit himself to attending regularly and is qualified to do that, then this is a good action, because he can teach them to read Qur’aan without making mistakes, and this is something which will benefit all of them.

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Source: From al-Lu’lu’ al-Makeen min Fataawaa Ibn Jibreen, p. 34