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Responsibility Towards the Child of Fornication


AsSalaamu Alaikum.
Before I accepted Islam I committed adultery an conceived a child with a married woman. The woman's husband has been told the truth and is aware that the child is not his, but he still wants to keep the child and his wife. Her husband wants to have nothing to do with me(understandably) and wishes that I keep away from my son who I have rarely seen and he does not know who I am. The child is almost 3 years old and I have been a Muslim for almost 2 years.
What is the Islamic ruling in such a case? Can I consider the child to be mine?
The husband and his wife are both kaffirs.


Praise be to Allah.

All Praises are Due to Allah

Islam erases whatever took place before it and after Allah guides you there is no sin on you, regarding something which took place in the past. The rule according to the Shariah (Islamic Laws) is that the child is to the bed and follows the husband, unless he washes his hands of the matter.

The child in not considered to be your son, nor do you have any responsibility for him. So start a married life according to Islam.

May Allah forgive you and increase you in protection.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid