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Can she have her overlapping teeth filed?


Publication : 01-10-2000

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Her teeth overlap and do not look good and they are yellowish in colour.  But in order to put them right and straighten them, they will have to be filed. Can she do that?


Praise be to Allah.

We put this question to Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen, may Allaah preserve him, who answered as follows:

Yes, there is nothing wrong with that, because this is removing a fault; it is not being done in order to make her more beautiful.


But it will have the result of making her look more beautiful.


There’s nothing wrong with that (because that is not the original aim; it will happen as a consequence).

And Allaah knows best.

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Source: Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen