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A teacher worked some additional hours in administrative tasks but the director recorded them as teaching hours


Publication : 29-11-2008

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I am a teacher and one day I worked in the academic institution where I worked for a few additional hours, doing administrative work, and I did a few other tasks for them. That was because they were short-staffed that day. The director of this institute recorded my additional hours as additional teaching hours so that I would be paid, because they would not pay me as a teacher otherwise. It bothers me that I will not get paid except in the way mentioned above. Is this money permissible for me in the light of what I have mentioned?.


Praise be to Allaah.

If you did these additional hours because they were short-staffed, and the director recorded them as additional teaching hours, because it is not possible for you to get what you are entitled to except by this means, then it does not seem to us that there is anything wrong with that, because you are entitled to be paid for your work, and what the director did was done for a purpose, which has been achieved in this case. Such things are customary in many institutions; if the directors adhered to the letter of the law, a great deal of work would not get done.  

And Allaah knows best.