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A website transfers money to anyone who answers certain questions


Publication : 03-12-2008

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What is your opinion on money acquired by a person who uses the internet where there are some sites which ask the user to answer various questions which help certain research that the website is doing, and this is in return for transferring some money to the user? In general, what is the shar’i ruling on quick earnings which are made with no effort?.
Praise be to Allaah.

The ruling on this action depends on knowing what kind of questions the website is asking the user, so that we may determine whether it is really benefitting from them and whether this benefit comes under the heading of what is permissible or not? Or does it benefit from the user entering or registering on the site, or will it sell his information to a third party? All of these things happen on the internet. 

If the subject matter of the questions is permissible, and that will not result in helping the website in any sinful activity, then there is nothing wrong with answering the questions and taking the money that the website sends in return. 

The same applies to quick earnings; they may be halaal or may be haraam, depending on the work the earnings result from. 

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And Allaah knows best.

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