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He divorced her officially and irrevocably, and now he wants to go back to her


Publication : 23-05-2010

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I got married against my will under pressure by my parents. After a year i have given divorce to my wife through (1)- a letter, writing divorce three times along with cheque for Mehar. (2)- After couple of months sent her a stamp paper for local council office, which included divorce sentence again three times.
Since the day it all happened i am feeling bad about what i have done and want to contact my x-wife again. Please tell me is there any possibility i could contact her again rightfully, as per Shariah. She is still single and living with her parents.


Praise be to Allah.

If you divorced your wife irrevocably and recorded that in the sharee‘ah court, then your ex-wife is not permissible for you until she has been married to another man in a genuine marriage, not a tahleel marriage (one that is aimed at making it permissible for her to go back to her first husband); then if he (the second husband) dies or divorces her, she will become permissible for you. 

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And Allah knows best.

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