Wednesday 22 Thu al-Hijjah 1441 - 12 August 2020

Can he marry a girl whose maternal uncle was breastfed with his oldest brother?


There is a young man who wants to propose to a girl. He found out that his oldest brother through his father was breastfed with the maternal uncle of the girl. Is he also regarded as a brother (to that uncle) which would mean that the girl is regarded as his sister’s daughter? Is it permissible for him to propose to her or not?.


Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allaah.

It is permissible for this young man to propose to the girl mentioned, because there is no impediment to doing so. The fact that his brother was breastfed with the girl’s maternal uncle does not have any ramifications, not even with her sisters if there are any. The prohibition affects the one who was breastfed (which in this case is his brother) and anyone else who was breastfed by the same woman. 

The young man mentioned here is not one of these people. 

With regard to the older brother, if he was breastfed by the grandmother of the girl, then he is a maternal uncle to her through breastfeeding. 

And Allah knows best.