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She worked in the university and they gave her free tuition. Now she has stopped working; can she complete her studies?


I worked for several years at the university from which I graduated as a teaching assistant on the basis of payment for each lecture I gave. Whilst I was working the university offered free study for diplomas in languages and computing, so as to raise the academic standard of the university. I was nominated to study for these diplomas and I started to study from that time. … This year I did not sign a teaching contract but I am still studying for this diploma, and I intend to go back to teaching next year if a suitable timetable is available to me. … I heard from one of my colleagues that the university does not allow anyone who is not working for it to study for these diplomas, but I have not heard anything official from the university…. The list came out this year and I looked at it after it was updated, and my name is still there. … Is it permissible for me to complete the studies for this diploma? What should I do?.


Praise be to Allah.

If you were nominated to study for this diploma whilst you were working for the university, then your name appeared on the list of those who are accepted to study for this year, even though you have stopped working, then there is nothing wrong with you completing these studies, because what appears to be the case is that the university is aware of that and has agreed to it. But if you check with the department in question, that will be better and will be on the safe side.  

And Allah knows best.

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