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The Ruling of translating the Qur’an to other Languages and Touching it by a disbeliever


It is allowed to translate the Qur’an to French, for example, to be read by the unbelievers meanwhile, Allah says?


Praise be to Allah.

No translation can resemble the Qur’an in precision of expressions, highness of style, or beauty of composition. Nor is it possible to reflect the miraculous nature of the Qur’an, fulfill all its goals in illustrating rules, principles and etiquette or indicate the lessons and primary and secondary meanings deduced from it. Any one who tries to do so is trying in vain.

People of Knowledge can express what they have understood from the meanings of the Qur’an in other languages to help the speakers of these languages get the ideas, even though they are not ultimate. But this is not considered to be Qur’an; it could be classified as belonging to illustrations. Therefore, unbelievers can touch such books.

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Source: The standing Committee