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What is the ruling on using the douche that women use to clean their private parts?


Publication : 06-05-2015

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I am a new shahadah and inquiring about the use of feminine products. Is it permissible for women to use douches to clense themselves?
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Praise be to Allah.


We praise Allah for having guided you to Islam, and we ask Him to make you steadfast in adhering to His religion and to increase you in faith, certainty and guidance, for He is All-Hearing, Ever Near. 


There is nothing wrong with using the douche mentioned in principle, but that is on condition that it be free of haraam substances, such as pork fat and the like. 

It is also stipulated that it should not be harmful to the one who uses it, or affect the foetus if she is pregnant. There has been a great deal of talk by specialists about the douche that is used for cleaning the front passage, in that using it regularly leads to changes in the pH balance in that place; it also leads to an increase in local infections and leads to a greater risk of pelvic infections. It is regarded as one of the causes of increased secretions, changes in secretions and irritation, as well as other harmful effects. So you should refer to a trustworthy doctor concerning that. 

And Allah knows best.

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