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He works as a nurse, which means that he may do some things that are not acceptable according to sharee‘ah


What is the permissibility of being a male nurse in a non muslim country? Im currently studying to become a nurse and I'm worried about several things concerning this career. Often times we need to feed patients ( maybe even female patients) food that may contain pork other haram foodstuff. Sometimes the patients are olso served alcohol. We may also need wash the (female) patients and change their clothes. Also in this country this is a predominantly femele occupation. In my current practical training there only one other male. Only two of the patients are male. Also all of my teachers and majority of my classmates are female. We may also have to bring them activity which may include (religious) music and non-muslim religious activities. I also have to have a practical training period concerning female health and maternity care where the patients will be female. Also in elderly care 2/3 of the patients are female. I don't think it is possible to work in this field and uphold all the religious teachings strictly and work in this field at the same time. What is the ruling on this matter? Could reply swiftly to my guestion so I can change my field of study if it is necessary.


Praise be to Allah.


The basic principle is that medical treatment of women should be done by female doctors and nurses; if there are no female doctors or nurses, it is permissible for them to be treated by a man, but that should be in accordance with Islamic guidelines as mentioned in the answer to question no. 127491 


Free mixing between men and women is a great evil that leads to serious negative consequences in both religious and worldly terms. Similarly, work that involves serving pork and haraam drinks to people is not permissible, because it comes under the heading of cooperating in sin and transgression. 

See the answer to question no. 3288 


According to what the questioner mentioned in his question, this work is haraam and is not permissible, for the following reasons: 

1.haraam mixing between men and women in school and work

2.offering pork and haraam drinks to patients

3.uncovering of ‘awrahs and touching them unnecessarily, as there are women around who can do these tasks

4.taking part in activities that include singing, music and mixing

5.treating women and taking care of them when there are female nurses who could do that.

What you must do is look for work that is appropriate for you, far removed from things that are contrary to Islam, and choose the best and the next best, according to what you can do. 

For information on some of the Islamic rulings that doctors and their helpers must know, please see the answer to question no. 105384 

And Allah knows best.

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