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Upon whom is it obligatory to call to Allah?


Is calling to Allah obligatory on every Muslim, be a man or a woman, or is propagation confined to scholars and knowledge seekers?


Praise be to Allah.

If one is knowledgeable of what he is propagating, it does not matter whether he is a great scholar, a knowledge seeker, or a common Muslim. The Prophet, Peace and blessings be upon him said, “Report from me even if a verse. Therefore, the caller to faith does not have to be of great knowledge, but one should be knowledgeable of what he is calling to otherwise one be a caller with sheer passion, which is not allowed. Those people are apt to falling into dangerous abyss: preventing what Allah has permitted and imposing what He has not imposed. This is devastating because prohibiting something that has been made legal by Allah is similar to legalizing something He has prevented.

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Source: Sheikh Ibn Othaimeen