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Is it valid to wipe over one's socks in the summer?


I often see some worshippers wiping over their socks when they do wudoo’, even in the summertime. I hope that you can explain to me to what extent that is permissible. Which is better for the non-traveller, to do wudoo’ washing the feet or wiping over the socks? Please note that those who wipe over their socks have no excuse, all they say is that there is a dispensation which allows this.


Praise be to Allah.

, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah. 

The general meaning of the saheeh ahaadeeth about it being permissible to wipe over the leather slippers or socks indicates that it is permissible to do so in winter and summer. 

I do not know of any evidence to indicate that this is only permitted in the winter, but it is not permissible for anyone to wipe over his socks etc. unless the conditions set out by sharee’ah are met, such as the stipulation that the socks must cover the part that is washed during wudoo’, they must be put on when one has wudoo, and attention must be paid to the length of time for which that is permitted, which is one day and one night for one who is not traveling, and three days and nights for the traveler, starting from the first time one wipes over them after breaking one's wudoo’, according to the more correct of the two scholarly opinions. And Allaah is the source of strength.  

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Source: Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi’ah li Samaahat al-Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him), 10/113