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She likes our website and wants to help her friend to find a job!


Publication : 17-07-2002

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Since a few months I'm a loyal "fan" of your website. Since the internet, a new way of learning about Islam opened my eyes/heart. And I must say that I became a better Muslim since I surf your website and listen/read your lectures/articles etc.... So I would like to congratulate your team for the immense postive influence your site has on people (like me). As I'm extremely positive about the information on your site and the knowledge about Islam you provide, I would like to ask a question which is bothering me/my friend some time: Some time ago Dr Sakhar gave a lecture and talked about finding a job within 3 days if a Muslim knows how to proceed/behave... Unfortunately he did not mention the solutions/the way to handle. Please could you maybe help me how I can help a person finding a job through spiritual aide. If i may give you more background to the situation: Me and my friend know eachother through the net/phone since 1.5 year and we would like to make a life together. The problem is that he's abroad (Kuwait) and needs a workpermit if he wants to setle in my country (Belgium). He would like to come over to Belgium, find a job, settle over here, and if our contacts (but also with our families) are both positive we would like to live together (marriage). So since a few months, me and my friend, are surfing like crazy through the web to find him a job, put cv's online etc.. The difficulty is to find a job and an employer who would accept to make a workpermit for my friend (due to tough immigration law in Europe). We are intensively trying to find a solution since a few months but we still didnt succeed and we are both getting desperate, because we fear that not finding a job would be the answer that our destiny is not together. Please could you help us out how to come to peace with this situation as it is very stressy for both of us. Thank you so much in advance.


Praise be to Allah.

We praise Allaah for blessing you with guidance and righteousness. We ask Allaah to make us and you steadfast in doing and saying that which pleases Him. 

The believer turns to Allaah with regard to everything that happens to him, he turns to Him for all his needs. For Allaah is the One Who responds to the one in need when he calls upon Him and relieves his suffering. Allaah has told us that He is near and responds to the prayer of the one who calls upon Him. Du’aa’ is like a weapon in the hands of the believer, which he should use properly. So call upon Allaah and be certain that He will respond, and pursue the means of having your du’aa’ accepted, and choose the times when du’aa’s are answered. You can refer to question no. 5113 to learn more about these means. 

I would also like to point out a matter that is of the utmost importance, which is that Muslims, men and women alike, should protect themselves from the things that lead to forming an emotional attachment to someone who is not a spouse. Of course a person may have no control over love, [?] but he or she may do things that lead to an increase in emotional attachment, such as conversations between a man and a woman that lead to stirrings of emotions and desires. This is forbidden as a means of closing the door and so that a person will not form an emotional attachment to a person whom it is difficult to get married to, which will lead to hardship for both parties and will distract the heart from its obligation to love Allaah and obey Him. Please see Question no. 9465 and 4775

Hence we advise you to pray a lot of istikhaarah and make du’aa’ and turn to Allaah. We ask Allaah to decree good for us and for you in this world and in the Hereafter, and to make this thing easy for you if it is good for you. And may Allaah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

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