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Ruling on calling a girl Tahreem


Publication : 11-05-2016

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Can I suggest my daughter name Tahreem


Praise be to Allah.

The father should choose a good name for his son or daughter, one that is good in both wording and meaning, because the name is a title for the thing named, and it will accompany a person from the cradle to the grave, and will be attributed to him, and to children and grandchildren will be attributed to his name, for as long as Allah, may He be exalted, wills. 

The scholars have stated that it is makrooh (disliked) to give children names that have meanings that may be indicative of sin and transgression, such as Zaalim (wrongdoer), Sarraaq (thief), and the like. See: Tasmiyat al-Mawlood by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd (p. 52). 

This may be applicable to this name, Tahreem. 

A number of the scholars also regarded it as makrooh to name children after the names of the soorahs of the Holy Qur’an, such as Ta-Ha, Ya-Seen, and Ha-Meem. See: Tasmiyat al-Mawlood (p. 59)

This also – and Allah knows best – includes the name Tahreem. 

Based on that, it seems that it is makrooh to give your daughter the name Tahreem. 

At the very least, this comes under the heading of dubious matters that one should avoid. Allah has granted His slave sufficient matters that are clear and unambiguous, so that he has no need for such uncertain things. 

Furthermore, this is a strange name that may cause embarrassment to the girl in front of her friends, classmates and acquaintances in the future. 

There are plenty of other good names that may be given instead. 

And Allah knows best.

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