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He is asking about the length of Nuh’s ship


Publication : 16-10-2001

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What was the length of the ship of Nuh (peace be upon him), and how many levels were there in it, and what was the material of which it was made?


Praise be to Allah.

Shaykh al-Shanqeeti said in his commentary on the name of the dog belonging to the people of the Cave: 

With regard to what the mufassireen said about the opinions on the name of their dog – some saying that his name was Qitmeer, others saying that his name was Hamraan, etc – we will not discuss this matter at length because there is no benefit in it. 

In the Qur’aan there are many things which neither Allaah nor His Messenger have explained to us, and there is proven report to clarify them and nothing to be gained thereby. 

Many of the mufassireen discussed in details the opinions on these matters, without knowledge and with no purpose. We always turn away from such discussions – such as the colour or the name of the dog belonging to the people of the Cave, which part of the cow the slain man from among the Children of Israel was struck with, the name of the boy whom al-Khidr killed and Moosa objected to his killing him, what kind of tree the wood from which the ship of Nuh was made came from, how long and wide the ship was, how many levels there were in it, and other issues in which there is nothing to be gained by discussing them and there is no evidence to be studied. 

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Source: Adwaa’ al-Bayaan, 4/84