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The charitable organisation ceased operation, yet the employees are still receiving salaries


Publication : 19-12-2015

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For three years I have been working for an institute belonging to an organisation that does charitable activities and investment activities, but for some reason work has almost stopped completely for several months. The CEO of the organisation and his team are fully aware of that, yet despite that we are still receiving our salaries, me and my colleagues in the organisation, with the aim of keeping the team together. Is there any doubt about the money we have received? Because part of the organisation’s money is for charitable purposes. Please note that I need this work for my family, and the organisation is aware of the cessation of work, but they are still trying hard to reactivate it, and nevertheless they are still giving us salaries. Should I give up this job, even though I cannot find any other work and I am not good at anything else?


Praise be to Allah.

The ruling on your work for this organisation is based on the attitude of the administration towards the cessation of work, and on knowing the nature of the charitable work that the organisation does.

If the administration is trying to overcome the problem that led to cessation of work, and it thinks that it is in the organisation’s best interests to keep the team until the work can resume, then this is valid reasoning, because keeping the team is a genuine interest for the organisation, and letting them go then bringing in new employees will have an adverse impact on the smooth operation and efficiency of the work, and it will make the employees not want to work in that organisation, because they will be worried about the lack of job stability. In this case, there is nothing wrong with the salary that you receive.

But if the administration is not keen to resume work and is not fulfilling the trust that it has been given in such a manner that would absolve it of blame, then undoubtedly what they are doing is wrong and is haraam, because it is a betrayal of the trust that they were given.

With regard to your salary in this case, it is essential to know the nature of the charitable activities of the organisation and the intention of donors who give money to it. If their intervention is to do charitable acts of various types, in a general sense, such as helping the needy and the sick and so on, then if you are in need of that work because you cannot find anything else, as you stated in your question, and you are in need of your salary, then there is nothing wrong with the salary that you are receiving, in sha Allah, because it could be regarded as a type of help from the organisation to you, and it comes under the heading of the charitable activities of the organisation and is in harmony with the intention of the donors.

But if the charitable activities of the organisation are restricted to some specific activities such as helping orphans or the elderly and the like, namely groups among whom you are not included, then our advice to you is to look seriously for another job. But in this case we hope that there is no blame on you for taking the salary until you are able to find another job, because in this case you are like one who has no choice but to do that, because you have made yourself available and given the time that you agreed in your contract with the organisation to give. We advise you to try to fill your work hours with charitable acts that are like the organisation’s activities that have ceased, or are similar to them, as much as is possible.

And Allah knows best.

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