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Ruling on working as a baker in a restaurant that serves alcohol in a western country


Publication : 16-04-2017

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I have an interview for a baker position in a restaurant which has a bakery. I'm sure the restaurant being in a non-muslim country sells alcohol. MY QUESTION IS; is it okay to work in the bakery and not in the restaurant itself, since I won’t be serving Alcohol and pork, I’ll just be making the bread? Please its Urgent, I’ve been unemployed for a long time.


Praise be to Allah

There is nothing wrong with working in the bakery referred to, so long as your work is limited to making bread only, and you do not take part in preparing, carrying or serving the alcohol.

I put this question to our shaykh, ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan al-Barraak (may Allah preserve him), and he said that there is nothing wrong with that, if it is in a non-Muslim country. But if that is in a Muslim country, and the bakery and restaurant belong to the same person, then you should not work with him, by way of objection, shunning and denunciation.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

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