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She is boycotting American goods – should she leave the institute because it teaches American material?


Publication : 21-01-2003

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I study in an institute for computer courses, and all the materials that I study in the institute come from the American Microsoft company. All the computer programs come from the Jewish American Microsoft company. We have to pay a certain amount each month to study, and the problem is that I chose to specialize in data entry; this is called Oracle and it is a one hundred percent Jewish product. 
I thought of leaving the institute for this reason, namely that I pay them a monthly amount, part of which is used to buy books from America itself. 
I thought of leaving the institute because in my view boycotting simple goods like food and drink and perfume, had a great effect, praise be to Allaah. But what is more effective is to boycott major goods. I believe that if I leave the institute I will be cooperating more with my oppressed brothers and sisters in the east and the west.


Praise be to Allah.

We have previously discussed the idea of an economic boycott and its importance, and that it is a kind of jihad against the enemies of Allaah. That was in the answer to question no. 20732

In certain circumstances there may be reasons why Muslims can engage in business with non-Muslims, some of which have already been discussed in the answer to question no. 6699

We may add here: that if the American or Jewish product is beneficial to the Muslims, and it is not possible to obtain it from Muslim companies or Muslim countries, then there is nothing wrong with buying it, especially if the computer program or technology will benefit the Muslims in other ways and is not simply a product that will be used up.  

If you hope to gain knowledge and experience from your studies in the computer science institute, then there is nothing wrong with you continuing to study there and benefitting from the program offered in the institute. Similarly there is nothing wrong with you specializing in data entry using Oracle.  

Let your intention be to benefit the Muslims, and to try to make the most of any branch of knowledge that enables you to do so. 

And Allaah knows best.

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