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Evils in hair salons


Publication : 02-03-2009

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What do you think of the youth going to hair salons, and getting western hairstyles such as Versace, French and Caporia, or treating the hair to make it smooth so that it looks like a woman’s hair?.


Praise be to Allah.

Going to hair salons includes many evil things which must be avoided and to which attention should be drawn. These include: 

1-Western haircuts which involve imitating the kuffaar. Whoever imitates a people is one of them.

2-Messing about with the hair and going against the texts of sharee’ah, such as al-qaza’ which means shaving part of the head and leaving part of it; al-namas (plucking) and trimming the eyebrows, which some men do, unfortunately; shaving the beard, which is wrong; and so on.

3-Exposing oneself to the temptation of the so-called “third sex” or homosexuals who come very close to the people sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, or press themselves against them, or do what is called “massage”, which is a great evil and abhorrent action, and a means that leads to the sin of homosexuality, Allaah forbid.

4-Spending money on sin and wasting a lot of time because what the hairdressers do of washing and drying the hair takes too long; they even put make up on men, may Allaah protect us.

And Allaah knows best.

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