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What is the ruling on a midwife uncovering her forearms because she is required to wear the hospital uniform?


Is it permissible for me to continue my studies to become a midwife? I only have female co students and female teachers, i will begin this year to gain working experience also besides theorie. This will find place in a hospital. It is permissible to wear my hijab also to pray on time. I will need to wear a uniform wich in my case is permissible to wear a very large example. The colour will be white as all other midwives. The vest wil be reaching over my knees and the pants are very wide. Only the lower part of my underarm can not be covered since it would be stained with blood and other liquids frequently. I live in europe, i would love to end this studie to contribute to the health care of woman and begin my own practice. But to become a midwife i do need to gain experience in a hospital in above circumstances, al midwifes of the hospital where i will be working are female, also the gynaecologists are female. I have completed 1,5 year and still need to add 2 years. In total i need to work in a hospital for approximately 5 months. I would like to have an honest and clear advice where you also perhaps point out the importancy of having a medical background today in this specifical field.


Praise be to Allah.


There is nothing wrong with working as a midwife, for free or in return for payment. It is work that benefits many Muslims, so there is the hope of reward for those who have that intention.


There is nothing wrong with studying and working in the hospital for the period that will qualify you to become a midwife. What you mentioned about being allowed to wear hijab and pray is a good thing.

With regard to the uniform, you must leave your house wearing hijab and covering clothing, then you may put on the uniform in the hospital.

With regard to uncovering the forearms or part of them, that is not permissible if any non-mahram man is present, and you must try hard to cover them, even by wearing medical gloves, and putting another pair of gloves under them, and the like, so that none of your forearm will be visible. The fuqaha’ are unanimously agreed that the woman’s entire body is ‘awrah, although they differed concerning the face and hands. But whatever is above the hands must be covered, according to scholarly consensus.

According to the most correct view, the hands must also be covered. See the answer to question no. 45869 .

If there are no non-mahram men present, then there is nothing wrong with uncovering your forearms.

And Allah knows best.

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