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The Hadith of the Seven is Not in Reference to Men Only


Publication : 10-07-1999

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Is the hadith that talks about the seven whom Allah will shade on the Day in which there is no shade except
Allah's specific just for men or is it for anyone, such as women, who perform those acts and, therefore, they will receive that reward mentioned in the hadith?


Praise be to Allah.

The merits mentioned in the hadith are not specifically for men. In fact, they are general for both men and women. If a young woman grows up in the worship of Allah, she is included among them. Similarly, two women who love each other for the sake of Allah alone are also included. Again, any woman who is invited to illegal sexual intercourse by a man of nobility and beauty and she refuses his advances, saying, "I fear Allah," will be one of those in the shade of Allah.

Any woman who gives in charity from her legal earnings to the extent that her left hand does not know what her right hand has given will be included among them. If a woman remembers Allah when she is alone by herself, she will be included among them like any man. However, the righteous leader is something specific for men. Similarly, performing the prayers in congregation in the mosque is something specific for men. The prayer of the woman in her house is more virtuous as has been stated in the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

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Source: Shaikh ibn Baz