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His father told him to sell the car because he is afraid that he may have an accident. Should he do as he is told?


Publication : 02-01-2004

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I study in another country, which is a Muslim country, and my children are with me. Because of the circumstances in this country and the place where I am studying, I have to have a car to go to and from the university etc. I bought a car that has been very useful for me in my field of work, but as soon as my father heard the news, he sent me a letter asking me to sell this car immediately because of the crowded traffic and his fear that something bad may happen, Allaah forbid. Please note that studying is very difficult without a means of transportation, especially in this country, which may force me to give up my studies and go back to my country, if I have no means of transportation.
 Please advise me about this matter, may Allaah reward you with good. If I do not do what my father is telling me in this case, is that regarded as disobedience?.


Praise be to Allah.

Having a car nowadays in many cases is regarded as a necessity, not a luxury. If you can drive well, there is no justification for your father to forbid you to have and drive a car. 

With regard to accidents, you cannot avoid travelling in some kind of vehicle to and from your place of study, and accidents happen to drivers and passengers alike. 

It seems that you do not have to obey your father in this, but you should be kind and gentle towards him, and try to convince him; do not confront him by saying no, rather be tactful with him.  

And Allaah knows best.

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