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Strange and innovated method of performing ghusl after menstruation



What is the proper way of performing ghusl after menstruation has ended?
I have been taught by elders to have a clean bath, then perform wudu then
read the kalma 7 times on water & pour the water on yourself beginning from your head, then shoulders, then legs and then the genitals. Similarly then to read 7 Aayah’s, the Darud & the Aayat-ul-kursi on water & pour on ourselves as explained above. Do I have to perform these steps? I would appreciate your guidance in this regard.


Praise be to Allah.

This is an innovated method (bid’ah) for which Allah has revealed no authority [i.e., it has no basis in Islam]. In order to follow the Sunnah, it is sufficient for you to do wudu, then make sure that water reaches every part of the head and body. We ask Allah to grant you beneficial knowledge and to keep you safe from ignorance and bid’ah (innovation).

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid