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Desirable qualities in a husband


I am a 24 year old muslim Lebanese girl living in Ottawa, Canada. Having lived so away from home for such a long time, I often find that I need guidance with the persuite of knowledge of Islam, our great guid in life. I am wondering the virtues a woman should look for in a potential husband, more specific than for him to be a practicing moslem. As well, I regard the role of motherhood as a very precious and sacred one, any advice on having a good moslem household and rearing children to be all they can be and close to our faith? I would appreciate any comments You would have regarding this topic... Curiously yours,


Praise be to Allah.

Firstly, we advise you to go to one of the nearby mosques or Islamic centres, and try to go there as often as possible. This will let you get to know some righteous sisters and benefit from what you hear from them.

The man whom a woman agrees to marry should be committed to Islam and should adhere to its rulings and morals. Other attributes and characteristics are a matter concerning which people differ.

With regard to the education and upbringing of children, one of the most important factors in their upbringing is creating a good environment for them. This includes choosing a suitable husband; choosing a suitable home, in an area among righteous people and people with whom one would like to make friends; choosing suitable schools for them; keeping the means of corruption out of the home; having a good relationship between the husband and wife; husband and wife being in agreement concerning matters of child-rearing so that there will not be any conflict or contradiction between them. It is also important for the parents to read some suitable books on raising childre, to learn from those whom they think have raised their children well, and to set a good example to the children.

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Source: Shaykh Muhammad al-Duwaysh