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The administration of the blood bank is forcing clients to donate blood


Publication : 03-08-2007

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I am a governmental clerk in a blood bank, and I have two questions: 
First question: 
The medical examination needed for issuing or renewing a driving license is performed in the blood bank. The commands of the health ministry to us include that: (A person who requests to issue or renew a driving license has the option to donate his blood if he is healthy. The medical examination is for free whether he accepted or refused to donate). But what actually happens is that the administration forces the clerks to donate, and if they refuse, then it directs them to a private hospital to have the examination done, which they will have to pay for. Then they should return to the blood bank to get the papers approved; (the only accepted stamp by the traffic administration is this blood bank stamp). So many clerks donate their blood forcibly to complete the procedures. What is the ruling on this regarding the individuals in charge, and the clerks? What do you advise us to do in case the administration insists on this? 
Second question:  
The instructions of health ministry includes that the day working hours are from 07.30 to 16.30, Saturday to Thursday. And the night working hours are from 15.30 to 23.30. But what actually happens is: the clerks working at the day leave when the clerks working at the night come, meaning 15.30 and sign for leaving, which should be done 16.30. The clerks working the night hours start their work 15.30, so there is no need for the day clerks to be there. What is the ruling on signing for leaving 15.30 considering it 16.30, knowing that this does not make any difference to the regularity and quality of work? .


Praise be to Allah.


If the orders from the health ministry are that the medical examination should be done for free, and donating blood is voluntary, then the blood bank has no right to withhold the examination or to force anyone to donate his blood. 

Withholding the exam and forcing the one who wants it to go to a private hospital and pay money for that, is wrongdoing and transgression, and the blood bank is falling short in its duties by doing that. 

You should check with the administration of the blood bank and remind them to work in accordance with the instructions issued by the ministry. If they respond, then praise be to Allaah. Otherwise, you should refer the matter to those who are in charge of health, so that you will be free from blame. 


You should adhere to the working hours that have been agreed upon, and it is not permissible to sign in and then leave at a time other than the real time, because that is lying and betrayal. 

If the administration of the blood bank has decided to reduce the working hours and has stated that the workers on the day shift may leave at 3.30 for example, there is nothing wrong with that, so long as it does not adversely affect the work. But they should speak to those who are in charge in the ministry of health and ask them to change the working hours, so that employees will not be in a confusing situation if they leave an hour before the regular time, but if they stay, they will be doing nothing. 

And Allaah knows best.

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