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Friday Prayers

233591 - Ruling on following the translation of the Friday khutbah on one’s cell phone whilst listening to it 109323 - Fatwa from the Standing Committee regarding the case when the day of Eid happens to be a Friday 217981 - He missed Jumu‘ah and prayed Zuhr, then he found a mosque where they were praying Jumu‘ah 121250 - If an eclipse happens at the time of Jumu‘ah prayer, which prayer should be done first? 122339 - How should they deal with someone who listens to a khateeb who promotes misguidance or approves of innovation (bid ‘ah)? 129182 - Ruling on sitting with the knees drawn up (ihtiba’) 218180 - Ruling on praying Jumu‘ah at home if there is no Sunni mosque 215926 - The school is preventing them from praying Jumu‘ah and offering other prayers in congregation; what should they do? 219923 - Ruling on praying in ihram garments and delaying exiting from ihram after ‘umrah 203681 - How to perform the twelve rak‘ahs (regular Sunnah prayers) on Friday? 134899 - It is not permissible to hold two Jumu‘ahs in one mosque 7857 - What should be done if Eid coincides with Friday 148205 - Why are there two adhaans for Jumu‘ah? 115781 - Imam and congregation offering du‘aa’ together following Jumu‘ah prayer 186085 - He lives in a city where there are no other Muslims; how should he pray Jumu‘ah? 177397 - He works as a receptionist in a block of furnished apartments; does he have an excuse for not praying Jumu‘ah or offering the prayers in congregation in the mosque? 188773 - Description of the minbar of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) 103055 - It is not permissible to stay away from Jumu‘ah prayer without an excuse 176607 - Sneezing During Friday Sermon 165601 - Why is Friday singled out for great importance?