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753: Zakaat on income earned during the year

Aslam Al Akham
If one has us$ 10,000 above the nisab at the beginning of the Zakat year and by end of that year he earns another Us$ 5,000. Therefore making it US$ 15,000 . But the extra 5,000 have not been in his possession for a full zakat year. Is the Zakat then payable on the 10,000 only or on 15 ,000.
Please clarify.
Thank You

Published Date: 1998-01-19

It is not obligatory that zakat be paid on wealth until after the year ends. This refers to the $10,000. That is unless the additional money, which has come after the beginning of the year is a result and proceeds from the original money. This would make this money have the same zakat status, and you would then have to pay zakat on the entire $15,000.

Also, see question #64 and question #101 .

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Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid
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