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She wants to hang up her graduation photo in the room where men sit


I'm going to be graduating soon and it's a family tradition for the pictures of the graduands of the family to be put on a wall in our living room at home,InshaAllaah my family intend to come from overseas for my graduation and they'll probably expect me to wear make-up e.t.c and to have a potrait taken which will be added to the wall at home,the thing is,we have male family friends who sometimes sit in the sitting room so they'll see my picture.I've told my mother it's haraam to have pictures in the house,but she doesn't want to know and wether or not I put my potrait on the wall there'll still be pictures everywhere and I won't have the right to remove them.InshaAllaah they won't be able to force me to wear make-up,but my NOT doing a potrait will probably upset them and they might think they've come all the way for nothing as it will seem to them like I'm not making an effort.So InshaAllaah what do you suggest I do?


Praise be to Allah.

The most correct view is that making photographic images comes under the general prohibition of making images of animate beings. The matter is more serious if the picture is of a woman (and men look at it) because of the fitnah and evil involved in that. The fact that people will be angry does not make these haraam things permissible. The anger of Allaah is that which most deserves to be feared. If Allaah knows that His slave is sincere, He will be with him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever seeks to earn the pleasure of Allaah even though that makes people angry, Allaah will be pleased with him and will make the people pleased with him.”

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Source: Shaykh Waleed al-Firyaan