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He goes back to sleep after waking without praying


Publication : 05-11-2000

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I have on some occasins awoken either at the very point of Fajr or a little before its time and have gone back to sleep, I on 2 occasins was aware that it was Fajr time and slept, I then heard that Shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Baaz (May Allah have mercy on him)said such a person is a kaafir (Murtaad) Is this correct? and what is the correct view according to the Ahlul Sunnaah Wal Jammaah? (If so what do I do?) Another question was, If I miss the Asr Salaah (The entire time passed and I did not preform the prayer for it) do I become a kaafir? (However I still offer my 5 times fard salaah daily) I am aware that all my good deeds are lost for the day according to a narration in Saheeh Al Bukharee, however I ask you, Who I know is guided upon the haqq and on the tareeqah of Rasulullaah (SalAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallaam)


Praise be to Allah.

1-If you woke up at the time of Fajr, then were overtaken by sleep, but you had the intention of waking up after a short while, before the time for the prayer was over, but you did not wake until the time was over – then get up and do the prayer straight away, and be determined to get up in the future. Do not let the Shaytaan play with you. We ask Allah to forgive you.

2-But if you had the intention of not doing the prayer until after the time was over, or you were hesitant about the matter – this is the action which, according to some of the scholars, makes a person a kaafir. If this applies in your case, then repent to Allah from now, and resolve not to do it again. Pray the prayers that you have missed if you know how many they are. Allah will accept the repentance of those who repent. This will be the expiation (kafaarah) for you. The same applies to ‘Asr prayer as applies to the morning prayer.

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Source: Shaykh Sa’d al-Humayd